6 Practical Tips – How to Be Smart in Maths | Improve on Maths Skill

6 Practical Tips – How to Be Smart in Math or Mathematics | Improve Your Math Skill Become Math Expert and Brilliant ! 😲

One of the most common question among students in any age is – how to be smart in maths or how to be Good at Mathematics? How to become a math expert? How to solve any numberical problems instantly like others?

Why are you not smart in Mathematics? Why are you unable to solve Maths Problems? What are the reasons and main solutions? Read full Article to know everything.

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Well, I am a 5 years plus experienced Mathematics teacher and done many research among my students. I found many phenomenon, many reasons , actually why many students think that Mathematics is one of the toughest Subject. Actually which is completely false.

I have already noticed many common reasons among my students, actually why they are weak in maths, unable to solve mathematical problems smartly, usually afraid in Maths Problems. These problems are often common. 

I have listed every single reasons, why many students think that Mathematics is tough, or unable to solve maths problems. And afraid of mathematics. I have also included the solutions along with each Problems. All the solutions are practically tested by myself and really succcess with many students. Last year, over 20+ plus of my own students out of 40 already scored 95+ marks out of 100 in Mathematics subject. 

Without wasting our time, lets start. Study every single reasons and its solutions carefully. Note them or take screenshots if possible. Okay, lets read…

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The Main Reasons with Tips and Tricks to become Good at Math are:

  1. Strong Confidence and Imagination
  2. Know Real Life Practical Uses of Problems
  3. Clear Concepts and Kill Confusions
  4. Solve Problems instead Reading it
  5. Take Maths as a Game
  6. Practice Regularly and Try Difficult Problems

Let us study them in details below.

1. Confidence and Imagination

I have personally seen many students who do not have confidence on himself what they are solving. For this case, issue like unable to solve faster, unable to learn faster, unable to count faster may face.

If all concept is cleared, they should solve that maths problem smartly and instantly. Instead of this, I have seen many students – who think more than what he is doing. It Increases the wasting of time and doubts.

While solving a mathematical problems, they should imagine firstly – how they will solve it. Instantly, they should follow the steps they imagine in confidence. Maximum chances is that he/she will succeed by their imagination. Otherwise, they will practically learn their mistakes – which really help to improve themselves practically. This also helps to create a creative and scientific minds and thinking.

how to become Brilliant in math
Quoto: Learn Your Mistakes – To Never Repeat A Mistakes!

That is why, I always suggest my students – never think more on what they are solving. Just clear concepts, kill all confusion and by your imagination, smartly and intelligently solve any problem easily and fastly. Learn your mistakes, to never repeat a mistake. Make a strong confidence also help you to solve anything smartly, intelligently and faster. All the best.

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2. Know Practical Life Uses to be Smart in Maths

You do not have understood any questions, problems in mathematics – until you do not know its practical and real life uses. Conversely, if you found the practical uses of the problems, theorems, rules – it means you have the clear Knowledge on it and easily you can solve that and any problems related to it.

That is why, try to know the practical life uses of any mathematical problems, rules or theorems.

I have seen many students who can very smartly solve any problems related to the subject that is being studied in classroom. After, I suggest to solve them after few days, or weeks – they can not. The main and practical reason for this is that do not know its practical uses. 

If a student know all the practical life uses, actually where we need to use these theorems in our life, what are the main benefits, students will never forget any theorems or rules. So, along with understanding of the theorems, lemma or method of solving teacher should describe the real life uses. 

A student, who know the practical real life uses of any maths problems, theorems or methods, never forget it, never ever. All teachers should describe the uses along with the rules, methods or theorems.

How to be good at Maths
Quoto: How to be Smart in Mathematics? 6 Proven tips & tricks

Do you know: Who is the mother of mathematics? Learn below. 🔥🔥🔥

3. Clear Concepts and Kill Confusions to improve Math Skill

This is the first, main and independent magic of learning mathematics. Anyway I have placed it in 3rd position, because, Everyone follow this steps, but till they are unsuccessful. Reasons are above, 1 and 2.

So, Always clear every single concepts what you are studying. Learn every single in – depth contents, clear the concept of these contents.

Obviously, you will face many confusions, which is completely natural. But, you know, A game which does not create confusion, is NOT a game actually. So, kill every single confusion with the help of your teacher, educator. 

Try to solve difficult and unknown – I mean new problems to clear the concept and to kill your confusions. Do not keep trying the easier one. If you ever face any confusions, contact your educator and clear it. Otherwise, you can also join our telegram channel to solve your confusions within minutes. Our expert educator are always ready to help you there :

4. Solve Problems Instead Reading to be Good on Maths

I have practically seen many students, who read and try to understand mathematical problems. But, this is not the correct way dear. It can only help you to understand it, and nothing else. I can guaranteed that You can never solve it in exams, or even after few days of understanding it.

Yes, You may understand any mathematical problems by reading it. You may understand it 100% clearly without any confusions. But, you may not solve it in paper, try it yourself. It is practically tested. You will face a situation, where everything will be okay, but you’ll forget a single word/line, and from it, you may never proceed anymore. This mean you are unsuccessful. Am I right? Approximately every student face it in examination hall.

That is why, do not study mathematics by reading it. This cannot help you to to be good in Maths. Try to solve it by yourself. It can help you learn your weak points and mistakes, to never repeat them. Follow these steps, and you will never forget a problem, theorems or Methods. From now, do not waste you time by reading a problem’s solutions, try to solve it by yourself by just studying the solution a little. Yes, you should Read and study rules, theorems etc. Do that as usual.

5. Take Mathematics as A Game to be Smart in Maths

The last technique to become as Mathematics Lover is that, take it as a Game, and keep playing it.

Motivational quote speech lines on Mathematics how to be good at maths improve skill
Motivational Speech: Mathematics is a Game, Just Play & enjoy.

When we play a game, we often  lose and win. If we always keep winning, we can’t find any enjoyment in that game. As much as we lose, the much interest we get. From the reason of losing it, we often learn new techniques, new tricks, new ideas – which teach us to be winner.

Every single Mathematics Problems like a Game – A very interesting game. Play it. If you lose, it does not matter that you can never win it, never solve it. It only means that, you have just learnt new tricks, new techniques and some mistakes, which you will never repeat again.

Try always difficult one. It will give you more encouragement and enjoyment, if solved successfully, to try again them more intelligently.

My Personal Experience

Let me share my own personal experience – when I was at class 8, Mathematics was one of my toughest subject, I used to hating it. Trust me that in both semester and annual exam, I was failed in Mathematics by scoring below 30 marks out of 100. I was thinking, how students score above 60 marks in Mathematics, OH MY GOD 😲, How they can!

But, I class 9, I take this subject seriously. I played it, enjoyed a lot. Somehow I won and lost too. As much as I lost, I earned new tricks, learnt new techniques and caught my mistakes. Same way, I tried every single difficult problems and follow all the steps that I mentioned above. And finally, I founded the actual meaning of Mathematics, I founded the happiness and enjoyment of success in Mathematics, I started to feel it as My favourite subject. Now, Mathematics is my favourite subject. I have done my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, I have done Masters Degree in Mathematics with 1st class marks. 

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It is 100% possible to score 100 out of 100 marks in Mathematics. It doesn’t require anyone to study it for long hours. Every year, in every boards of Matriculation or 12th standard exams, the number of students who score 100/100 is the maximum comparing to other subjects. Regular practice, Lose and Learn mistakes, Earn new tricks and tips, try difficult problems everyday – are the main magic of success in Mathematics. I followed them, and succeeded.

Once you feel the enjoyment that is earned by solving a difficult and unknown Problems, you will never say that Mathematics is hard. From that day, Mathematics will become your most favourite subject. So, keep solving, keep playing math, experienced it. My opinion – You are going to be successful.

6. Regular Practice and Try New Problems to be Good at Maths

The last magic and compulsory factor of success in Mathematics is Regular study and Practice. To be smart or intelligent in Mathematics, to become an expert in Mathematics – it doesn’t require to study it for many hours a day. It doesn’t require to study it even for 3 hours a day.

Study mathematics at least 1 hour a day, try to cover every single contents that you have learnt already. Think more, cover in depth concepts. If you study for minimum or even for 1 hour only per day for minimum 8 months, I can guaranteed that you can score 100 out of 100 easily and really.

And most importantly – do not keep solving easier problems daily. But you should repeat them in a particular time interval – for example in 1 weeks or 10 days. Complete all basic concepts, Try hardiest and difficult problems to clear your in depth concepts  and to learn new mistakes. 

So, Practice Regularly, keep repeating problems in a particular time intervals and clear in depth concepts. You will see that, Mathematics will become easier automatically for you.

Conclusions and Final Words

After all, these are some tips and tricks to be an expert in Mathematics, To become smart in Mathematics, to be good at maths. Follow all these steps, and I can be assured that, Mathematics will also become easier for you.

Note all these facts, reasons and tips in you mind, stay motivated – and success will automatically come to you. It is natural. You will get your success for sure.

Think and take Mathematics as Game, Try Difficult Problems to Catch your mistakes, Learn new tips and methods for solutions, know real life uses and boom – you will get your success for sure. This is true and practically tested my myself. For a new unknown problem, the role of imagination is much, and take solve it in confidence. As I told, If you lost, it is good for you – because you can catch your weak points and mistakes.

Hope you all like these tips – how to be smart in Mathematics, how to improve on Maths, how to to be good at Maths.

Hope You have found the reasons – why you are not expert in Maths, Why you cannot solve a mathematical problems instantly.

I hope, These little information helped you a lot. If my these little afford help you, please like it, share it with your friends, well-wishers, students, teachers – so that they can also get these information as greetings. Thanks a lot for study my article. Bye bye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : How To Be Good in Math

How to be Good at Maths?

How to be smart in Math

It is easy. Follow these steps:

>Strong Confidence and Imagination
>Know Real Life Practical Uses of Problems
>Clear Concepts and Kill Confusions
>Solve Problems instead Reading it
>Take Maths as a Game
>Practice Regularly and Try Difficult Problems

How to improve on Math?

how to become Brilliant in math

It is quite very very easy. Just, Follow these steps:

>Strong Confidence and Imagination
>Know Real Life Practical Uses of Problems
>Clear Concepts and Kill Confusions
>Solve Problems instead Reading it
>Take Maths as a Game
>Practice Regularly and Try Difficult Problems

Is it possible to score 100 our of 100 in Mathematics? If so, How?

Yes! Why Not. It is 100% possible and easy. Just study Regularly and daily – it does not require to study for many hours.

Who is the mother of Mathematics?


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