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How to Crack IBPS SBI PO in first attempt without Coaching | Best Guides and strategies for preparation: Are you preparing for bank exams, specially IBPS or SBI PO? Are you appearing for the first time in IBPS or SBI PO exam?

Did You fail in IBPS/SBI PO many times?

Alright! If you are a fresh candidate for IBPS/SBI PO exam, you are at the perfect webpage now. OR, If you already appeared in such exams but failed, in this single post, you will know the reason why and how to actually prepare for such exam.

This article is prepared by collecting the details what a topper or a succeeded candidate follows. Many Paragraphs of this article are written as per the suggestion from many toppers of SBI/IBPS PO Examination.

This currect web-article is a litle bit long. But, after reading this post, you can get an idea how actually we should make a active strategy to prepare for Probationary Officer Exams.

Without wasting our time, let us start the main points.


Make Your Aim Strong

Why do you want to be a IBPS or SBI PO?

Why are you going to appear in the examination?

banker babu image

Firstly, try to give the answers for the above two questions to yourself. It helps to increase your confidence, motivation and make your aim strong.

Lakhs of candidates appearing in the IBPS or SBI PO examination every session. Below 1% out of the candidates are being succeeded.

In such cases, you must need to make your aim strong. For this, you should have the answers for the above two questions properly.

Many candidates apply for the PO exam because – his/her friends also applied. Some candidates apply as per the suggestions of parents or neighborhood. Maximum students also apply just to himself. There are also some candidates, who apply without any reason.

If you have any such weak reason for which you are going to appear, there is 90% chance is that, you will be unsuccessful. Candidates must have a very strong reason, actually why you are going to be a PO such as-

  • You prefer the job, and you are going to be a PO.
  • You are the best, PO is one of the best job, you surely will crack it etc..

Only a strong reason can make you aim very strong. It provides proper motivation. Which help to study regularly in a refresh mind.

So, Make your aim very strong, where your destination is only Probationary Officer from today. Increase your confidence, get motivated. Know why are you applying from yourself, and produce the best answers, which will help you to the next step.

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Study Complete Syllabus For IBPS/SBI PO

Bank po syllabus pdf

Just after making your aim very strong – next step is to know the Complete study guide or the syllabus for the exams. You will now follow the syllabus in every moment.

Okay! You donot need to search for the IBPS or SBI bank PO examination syllabus anywhere.

We have provided the complete syllabus for PO Prelims and Mains Exam syllabus with Marks Distribution below.

If you are aiming to crack in first attempt, You should follow both syllabus for Prelims as well as mains from first day of preparation.

Syllabus for Prelims

Before appearing the final interview for IBPS or SBI PO examination, all of the candidates need to set for the preliminary exams.

Please note that, IBPS or SBI PO exams are completely Online.

Syllabus for Prelims and Mains are little bit different. Study the syllabus for the SBI or IBPS PO Prelims below –

Marks Distribution / Exam Patterns
Subjects Marks Language Duration
English Language 30 English 20 min
Quantitative Aptitude 35 English or Hindi 20 min
Reasoning Ability 35 English or Hindi 20 min
Total = 100 1 hour

Syllabus for IBPS / SBI PO Prelims

1. English Language : Reading Comprehension, Phrases & Idioms, Paragraph Jumbles, Tenses Rules, Cloze Test, Error Detection, Multiple Meaning Words, Paragraph & Passage Completion

2. Quantitative Aptitude: Simplification, Profit & Lose, Mixtures & Allocations, SI and CI, Surds & Indices, Work-Time & Time-Distance equation, Mensuration, Data interpretation, Ratio & Proportion, Percentages, Number System, Series & Sequence, Quadratic equations, Central Tendancy & Variation, Permutation & Combination, Probability.

Syllabus for Mains

The candidates, who have successfully scored the qualifying marks in Prelims are now eligible for Mains.

Syllabus for Mains is just a little bit advanced comparing to Prelims. Mains syllabus also contains few extra contents.

Study the syllabus for SBI or IBPS PO from below-

Subjects Marks Duration
General & Computer Aptitude 60 60 min
Economy and banking awareness 40 35 min
English Language 40 40 min
Data Interpretation 60 45 min
Total = 200 3 hours
Extra English Language (Latter & Easy Writing) 25 30 min


Clear English Knowledge

First of all, start your English Grammar Knowledge improvement journey today. For this, there are some tricky ways such as – study grammar books, watch YouTube tutorials, read newspaper etc.

ibps sbi po English Language

If your exam is still over 6month to go, then you need to spend at least 1 hour per day only for English study. Gradually, you need to increase it as per your clearance.

Newspaper reading is the best, fastest and easiest method to improve English knowledge. There are also some students, who donot prefer newspaper reading. For them, first work is to make a habit to read newspapers daily.

If anyone donot have the habit to read newspaper, they should read the particular part of newspaper they like. For example, suppose someone prefer the sports section, then firstly they should read that section everyday.

As soon as reading newspaper becomes a regular habit, candidates should go for at least 1 editorial article and 1 article from Economy section regularly. This will help to improve English knowledge and also general awareness.

Candidates should try to understand Complete article and also should note all unknown words meaning in english and their uses as well. It is also important to note the topic of the article in simple words (english), which helps to increase current affairs knowledge and paragraph writting as well.

Best Books for IBPS English Grammar

Students should clear all basic English grammar rules. No need to study the advanced grammar rules, but must clear all basic rules and their applications.

To study grammar rules properly, you can choose best grammar books or Youtube tutorials. You can read Arihant Grammar Books by SK Bakshi or Bank PO Solved Paper upto 2020 English as maximum successful candidates already followed these.

If you exam is still 4-6 month to go, you should study at least 1 hour everyday only grammar rules and practice their applications. Spent at least 1 hour to read newspapers.

English Practice Time

You also need to learn the application of grammar rules and newspaper reading knowledge for exams.

Candidates can buy Arihant BANK PO English book for practice and apply their rules. As well as your study, you should try to apply them. There are many problems from each contents in the book. Try to study at least 10 problems everyday.

After practicing the problems, you can easily catch in which contents you are weak. So, Try to cover your weak content many times regularly. You must need to know, in which contents you are weak and start to cover it as soon as possible and then repeat it.

Clear Mathematics Practice

Mathematics is one of the main subject for SBI or IBPS PO. As well as clearing every single concepts of Mathematics, students should also think about time – management. Because, in 20 min, candidates have to solve over 30 problems.

ibps sbi po Mathematics

Candidates should clear basic contents of Mathematics firstly, specially from class 8 to 12. You need to study some basic chapters – percentage, lose and profit, ratio promotion, quadratic equations, basic to inverse trigonometry formulae, decimals, mixture ratio etc from class 7 to 12.

NCERT Classbooks are also very good source to study basic maths. For additional notes and problems, candidates can buy Rakesh Yadav Classnotes, which is most recommended books by many toppers and succeeded students.

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Time Management

Time management is most important in Mathematics. It is not enough, if you can solve a problem correctly, but you must also need to speed up.

Just an example that, 3-5 pair of quadratic equations will be given and you have to find the relationship between their solutions (zeroes). You need to do it less than 2 min. Means, you need to solve and create the relationship between two solutions of 1 pair of quadratic equations within bellow 30 seconds.

That is why, as well as problem solving, everyone should try to decrease their solving duration. For this, you should learn shortcut tricks – quadratic equation solutions tricks, multiplication tricks, square and cube short tricks etc. You can easily learn them by searching in youtube.

Best Books for IBPS Maths

As a guide book, candidates can buy some very helpful books, for example – Classnotes by Rakesh Yadav is one of the most buy books. You can choose it.

Candidatea must also study basic rules from NCERT Class textbooks. You can download their PDF books from Official Website of NCERT or buy the books offline or online.

Mathematics Practice Time

If you really aim to crack in first attempt, and still 3-5 months to go for the Prelims, you should study maths at least 2 hour or more as per yours clearance everyday.

Candidates must need to increase the study duration as much as possible gradually. They should repeat all the tough chapter maximum.

Every Sunday or any one day per week, students should try tests, or free online mock tests. By giving free online mock tests, they can catch, in which chapter they are still weak.

Candidates should study and clear all the chapters, in which he/she is weak as soon as possible. While practicing, all of you always need to think about time management. It’s most important.

Clear Reasoning

Third major content is reasoning. In  prelims, candidates should solve 35 reasoning problems in 20 min. AmaZing right? But, its 100% possible to score even all.

The part is easy for maximum. But, only for not maintaining time management, students are being failed. So, you donot have to spend more time while solving one problem accurately.

For this, all of you should know shortcut tricks and tips, rules etc. After this, you need much practices. You can learn shortcut tricks for puzzle, direction problem etc from YouTube easily by searching.

But before that, be assured that you have clear all basic puzzles, direction problems, blood relation problems clearly. You must need to know also the basics.

Actually what happened – a student come with an aim that he/she will crack PO in first attempt and begin to start with hard puzzles. Obviously, sometimes they don’t solve – and then demotivation starts.

That is why all Candidates should study and clearly learn the basic first, only after that come to hard one.

Best Books for Reasoning

Best platform to learn latest and updated trick and tips for Reasoning section is Youtube. There are many more channel available, just go and try them out.

In Addition to this, for proper and offline study, there are many more good guide books for Reasoning available to buy – which are highly recommended by succeeded students and also used.

One of the most used book is Puzzles best from Adda247 . In this book, you can learn many tips. After all , you can use this book to practice your knowledge. For practice use, buy Arihant Experts Reasoning Books online.

In addition to this, candidates should set for free mock tests one day per every week for Reasoning too. They should know, in which chapter they are weak, and need for improvement.

If you really challenge yourself that you are going to Crack in the first attempt, and it is still 3-5 months to go for exam, you should study at least 2 hour per day only Reasoning.

Study GK, Current Affairs, Computer Knowledge

Read newspaper is one of the most common and useful way for 100% fresh and updated current affairs.

Moreover, there are many Website such as – affairscloud from where you can get laest current affairs.

For computer knowledge, you can use NCERT Classbooks for Class 9 – 12. Which is the best source. You can also download pdf files for computer knowledge from google.

Take Online Mock Test

Take at lest 3 online mock test every week. This will help you to understand the question patterns exactly.

Online mock test also provides you the time – management knowledge. You can get a clear concept for time management in exams.

By taking online mock tests, you can know your contents, in which you are weak and need to improve more.

There are many website available where you can take free online unlimited mock test everyday. If you donot have a laptop, you can also use smartphone device for online mock test.

We have created a complete dedicated article where we provide 10+ best free online unlimited mock test websites.

Stay Motivated

Self motivation is mondatory for success in bank exams. You should never be de-motivated about any chapter. You may feel something tough, something easy – which is very normal.

ibps sbi po image

Bank PO is one of the most popular, sincere and stylish job. You are going to win it. So, if you feel anything tough, try to study that rapidly. Repeat the same content many times. There is no any reason that you cannot.

Keep your mind refreshed everyday before studying. Always keep in your mind that, you the best among your friends, and you are going to crack it. You will surprise everyone by cracking it.

Watch motivational youtube youtube videos everyday before going to study. Keep your mind motivated. Try the hard content, repeat the tough contents as much as you can by keeping in mind that – why you can’t.

Never be de-motivated. Tough and easy are normal. Study, practice and repeat are manual. Do these, crack PO easily.

Active Regularly

Some students starts study by getting instant motivation. But, gradually they begin to discountinue it. Or, as soon as they face some tough contents, they begin to stop study and leave that content.

If anyone follow this, surely he/she can never success.

Candidates must follow regular study activity. If it is still 4-5 months to go, students shoud study at least 2 hour English, 3 hour maths or Reasoning everyday. Always they must read newspapers, current affairs blogs etc.

Maintain regular study table, clear all concepts as fast as possible, again repeat all. Only this rule can bring success in your aim.

Candidates must need to increase study duration as much as possible before exams. They must finished all subjects before 2 months of exam and after that only repeat, mock test and practice.

Get Ready For Exam

ibps sbi po exam

All subjects clear?

Now its time to ready for the final war. Keep in mind that you will be the winner.

Suppose, it is still 5 days to go for the exam, then repeat your study again with a refresh mind. Keep trying free mock test everyday.

Check your maths solving speed. Try to increase it again.

On the day, just before exam, study from morning and repeat every single concepts whole day. At night, take a rest and sleep well. On the next day morning, wake up earlier, go for a silent and peaceful walk, think about what you will do after you qualified as PO.

Get ready for the exam in a refreshed – peaceful and clean mind. Go for the exam. Best of luck, you can crack it.


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8. Free online unlimited mock test – click here!
9. Download NCERT Textbooks PDF – Click here!
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Final Words

As all of you know that Bank Probationary Officer job is one of the most powerful, stylish, Interesting job. Cracking it is not about luck, it is all about practice and study.

Anyone can crack it. Only important think to crack it is that the candidate must have a strong aim, regular practice and study – releat.

Not much a longer duration, but studying only 5-6 months in full motivation and strong aim, anyone can crack it.

Follow all steps, keep yourself updated, it is 100% possible to crack the job in your first attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is this possible to crack Bank PO in first attempt?

Answer: Yes! 100% Possible and Easy.

How to crack IBPS SBI PO 2020 in One Attempt?

Answer: You need to have a strong aim. After that regular practice and nothing else.

What are best books for Bank PO?

Answer: Interesting! All book links are given, please check full post.


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