5 Best Methods – How to start online coaching classes in India 2022

How to start online coaching classes in India 2021

How to start online coaching classes in India – Open online class and Earn Money: In this digital and online world, everyone wants to teach and learn online for better improvement, bigger amount of audience or learners, trusted training etc from home. You are at the right page, if you are searching for how to start an online coaching classes right today in this digital India.

There are a lots of ways or methods by using which you can teach online or starts an online coaching classes. In addition to this, you can earn a huge money also from these platforms as a part time online jobs for students.

Congratulations, that, in this single and short article, you will get some most used and students friendly ways to start an online coaching class from which you can also earn a huge amount of money.

Kindly, Read the complete article where we have described some of the most useful and used ways and choose your preferred one. Stay connected with your students at anytime from anywhere by starting your own online coaching classes today!

Add Your Course & Start Online Coaching Classes in Udemy

Udemy is one of the best global platform for teachers and students. Udemy is an American online learning and teaching platform which was founded in May, 2010. After all, It has over 50 million online learners/students and over 57,000 teachers/instructors who are teaching over 295 courses online in 190+ countries in the world.

how to add course in udemy

That is why, Udemy is one of the best platform to start your online teaching or coaching classes. To teach your students online from Udemy through video tutorials is 100% free and secure. Moreover, You can earn a huge money from Udemy if you sell your course!

We have attached the steps how you can start online classes in Udemy or how to add your course in Udemy for free in short and simple methods below. Finally, also read the tips and tricks to promote your course from below section.

How to Add Your Course in Udemy?

Here is the steps to upload or add your course video tutorials in Udemy for Free:

◊ Firstly, Log in or Sign Up to Your Udemy Free Account.

◊ Secondly, You will see an option Teach on Udemy in right side upper corner. Click on that.

how to start online coaching class in india

◊ In the next page, Click on Become an instructor.

become an instructor or teacher at udemy

◊ You will be asked 3 very simple questions about you, answer them.

◊ After choosing your answers, on the next page, click on Create Your Course

start online tuition classes in india

◊ Now, Fill all the simple forms step by steps as asked.

◊ Finally, You will have to upload your course video tutorials of minimum 2min – 10 mins video clips (may be single or multple). You also have to upload an intro or promo video of maximum 2min which will discribe about what you will teach in your course.

◊ You can also create a price for your cost as per the value of your course. In other words, you can sell your course video now and earn over $1000 per month easily.

Your video tutorials must be 720p HD quality with no backgroud extra noices and your sound quality must be clear. Minimum and maximum recommended video durations are 2 minutes and 10 minutes.

Tips to Viral Your Course and Get Maximum Popularity in Udemy

We have revealed some special hidden tips and tricks to viral your course everywhere and get maximum popularity of course. This help you to sell your course in a huge quantity in short durations. Some hidden tips are-

  • Firstly, Create your video tutorials in HD high quality and high quality sound effects.
  • Secondly, Try to use same coloured background.
  • Upload Multiple Video Tutorials in your course.
  • Hidden Suggestions – Make your tutorials as shorter as you can (Minimum 2 Min)
  • Make the costs of your course very high and create a discound code to get your course for FREE ($0)
  • Share your course name with discounted code in social media as much as you can.
  • Donot forget to create a limited time period of validity for your discounted code.
  • Try to share your code with Youtubers who share such codes and also with bloggers. They will advertise it for Free or pay a few amount if required.

Use these methods as those are proven methods. Also share with your friends these tips and tricks.

Become an educator at Unacademy

Unacademy is a completely Indian Learning Channel/application having headquarter at Bengalore. It has over 12,000 top level educator. You can be one of them.

start online classes in unacademy

We have enclosed the procedure, how to become an educator at Unacademyto start your online coaching classes in India 2020.

How to Become an educator at Unacademy?

  • Dowṇload Unacademy Educator App from Playstore.
  • Secondly, Open app & Fill the simple biodata form.
    become an educator at unacademy and start online classes in India
    become an educator at unacademy
  • Finally, Upload Your Demo Teaching video of 3 minutes.

Soon, Your Video Tutorial will be reviewed by some unacademy workers and you will be approved as an Unacademy Educator. If you perform good quality teaching classes in regular basis, after completing few lessions, you will be approved as Plus Educator. Similarly, You can upgrade yourself upto a top level star Educator at Unacademy.

How much money will you get for 1000 Views in Unacademy?

Unacademy is not like YouTube, which will pay some certain amount of money for some particular views. There are some step by step guides such as Primary Educator, Plus Educator and Star Educator.

Unacademy donot pay for 1000 views. It pays approximately 4,000INR for 5000 views, 6,000INR for 10000 views and so on. This may also depend upon your Educator level.

Start Online Coaching Classes in Youtube

Youtube is also one of the best platform to start your learning-teaching coaching classes in India 2020. Moreover, You can also teach yours students and viewer completely live through Youtube. For this, method is simple – you just need to create your own teaching channel.

  • Create Your Own Teaching Youtube Channel.
  • Provide a good and simple name for your channel.
  • Upload beautiful and professional type logo and cover photo.
  • Start Uploading Your video tutorials in your channel.
  • Once you cross 1k subscribers and 4k watch minutes, you will enrolled earning opportunity from adsence by monitizing your channel.
  • Know more about youtube channel creation.

estudynow.com youtube chaṇṇēl̥ñl̥āśśṁāṭḥś

Teaching through youtube is considered as one of the best platform for online classes now a days. From youtube, one can earn a huge popularity and money too, which is paid by google, not your students. That means, your students and viewers can watch your tutorials for FREE from everywhere and at anytime.

In addition to this, You can arrange a live teaching class through youtube. In live classes, students and viewers can ask questions directly through commenting and you can answer them instantly.

Start Online Coaching Classes in Telegram

Telegram is one of the best application for instant chatting. But, you can use it as your online teaching platform. Telegram can be used in very low network area too, that is why we are recommending it.

To start teaching online through telegram application, you have to create a channel or a group. Add your students in your group or channel to start online classes in telegram application. You can stay connected with your students at anytime through your group and solve their queries,

Why telegram is recommended platform for online teaching?

  • Interface of telegram is very simple and anyone can use it easily.
  • It can be run in very low network too.
  • Message delivery is instant as compared to other social apps.
  • You can share your group links anywhere so that anyone can join your group instantly.
  • Most mentionable part – Anyone can access your group worldwide by searching your group name situated in the search button in telegram homepage. For this – you have to make your group opened for everyone from settings.

estudynow telegram online coaching classes

How to Create Telegram Group?

  • Open Telegram Application.
  • Click on Three dot’s menu and click “New Group”
    stārt online classes through telegram
    start online classes through telegram
  • Select Your Students From your contact lists.
  • Enter a most common & simple name for your group.
  • Most mentionable part is that, anyone worldwide can access your group in telegram by searching your group/channel name through telegram simple search. For this, you have to set your group “open” for everyone from settings.

Start online coaching classes through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a American freeware, instant messaging and VoIP application. WhatsApp is running since 2019 and is now owned by Facebook Inc.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platform used by approximate every Indian who have a smartphone. So, It is one of the best platform to start your online coaching classes by creating a group or broadcast channel.

whatsapp online coaching classes

How to Create a Group in WhatsApp?

  • Click on Create a Group or Broadcast Group situated in right side upper corner in WhatsApp home.
    start online coaching class in whatsapp
    start online coaching class in whatsapp
  • Choose your students from contact list and add them.
  • Start teaching them online by sending instant message or video tutorials.
  • Send them notes, Questions etc

Start Your Online Classes in Facebook

It is not necessary to talk about facebook, as everyone know what is facebook. Facebook is also one of the best platform for online teaching classes. By creaṭing a facebook page, you can start your professional online coaching classes.

In addition to this, You can arrange live classes through Facebook by enabling live video mode.

facebook estudynow online classes

How to Create Facebook Page to start online coaching classes?

Teach Through eStudyNow

You can also provide your notes and video tutorials through our website. For this you have to contact us or write guest posts. Submit your Tutorial through Guest Post and we will soon review it and publish it as soon as possible.

After publishing your tutorials, we will give you the link of your post, and you can share that link everywhere and with your students.

We also pay the costs of your course tutorials according to the quality of your tutorials. The payment amount may vary from ₹30 to ₹1000. We release the exact amount of your tutorials after reviewing it.

Benefits Of Online Classes

There are many more benefits of online coaching or teaching classes now a days in digital India. Some benefits of online tuition Classes are given below-

  • Teach Your Students at Anytime
  • Teach Your Students from Anywhere.
  • Stay connected with your students anytime.
  • Solve the problems and queries of your students instantly.
  • No any physical place required.
  • No blackboard, whiteboard required.

Negative Sides of Online Classes

As like as the benefits or positive sides of online classes, it has also some negativity. Some of the major negative parts of Online Classes are as follows-

  • All students may not enrolled online classes. India is a developing country and there are still many economically poor families exists, who even can’t afford a smartphone or online learning devices.
  • Students may start to access other bad content from internet in the name of online classes.
  • There still have many areas in India, where there is no any network connectivity or very poor network facility. For these areas, online class facilities donot work.

Final Words

After all, There are many good advantages pf Online coaching classes in India 2020. Teachers can teach from anywhere, students can learn from anywhere.

In online classes, students can stay connected with teachers at anytime. Students can solve their problems and queries at anytime – while studying or repeating their studies.

If we can gift  online learning  devices to our economically poor students and help them, online classes can really changed the quality of our education – can start a new generation of studies. Unless, it is still useless for smart, intelligence economically poor students.

Hope, Online instant teaching and learning methods will create a developed generation of Indian Education. For this, firstly, we must need to be economically strong.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How to start online coaching class in india 2021?

Answer: Well! Top  5 most popular methods are mentioned above, please read.

How To add course in udemy?

Answer: Well! Kindly read the complete anser above.

How to become an educator at Unacademy?

Answer: You have to apply first through Unacademy Educator Mobile application. Know all the steps above.



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