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Terms & Conditions


Our Content

  • We only post educational related posts.
  • Some of our posts may speak about technical talks.
  • Our contents are completely students friendly and any age pupils friendly.
  • Everyone can read our blog posts to improve their knowledge in various educational forums.


  1. We never copy any content from any other website, but, yes, their may be similar content available in other site with 1 or 2 line same.
  2. Our Class notes may be similar with any other website, but are not completely copied, all are genuine and these content are out of copyright.
  3. Information provided in our site are collected from various online and offline sources.

Website Declaration

  • eStudyNow.com have only 1 contact number and only 1 email address which are 8638316865 and contact@estudynow.com . We don’t have any other phone number or email where any user can communicate with us.
  • eStudyNow.com never call or contact to anyone asking for any details, private information or secure properties. If any reader receive, kindly inform us.

Champaign and Compitition

  • In special occasion and days, we are celebrating giveaways, various Champaign and Compitition.
  • All the prizes are real and 100% deliverable.
  • To receive our prizes, winner have to send necessary details as informed.
  • 1 user can win only 1 time in a session.
  • Last decision will be controlled by eStudyNow only.

Affiliate Announcement

  • We may use any affiliate marketing tools, with are well friendly for anyone.
  • We promote only educational products affiliate links.
  • We may promote technical gadgets and tools.

Guest Posts

  • Every single guest post are welcome.
  • Before publishing, we will verify it.
  • Your post must be above 800 words
  • Your post must be educational.
  • Your website must be spam score free
  • You can use your backlinks.
  • Guest post are free until further notice.


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